Letterpress Printing - File, Paper and Layout Tips

If you will be providing your own artwork for us to print, please review the following...

File format:

• Illustrator CC is preferred. No Photoshop, Quark or InDesign files please. •Jpg's need to be high resolution [at least 300 dpi] - any pixelation will show on the final piece. • Final artwork needs to be in black and white- no grey or color. • Vector images are best. • Final color separation must be shown in a separate .pdf file. Pantone colors need to be specified. • Please link your images, that way if any changes are made to them, they will update within the illustrator files they are used in. (Alternately you may embed your images, but if changes are made to them you will have to re-send ALL your files.) • Outline ALL fonts- (or send font files.) Group text blocks together by color.• Provide a final proof of your project (digital .pdf is fine), make sure to show the layout as well as the paper outline to show margins. There is not a hard proof option in letterpress printing.


• If you are providing the paper, please give us 20% over your final count,  per run.• Count before you give us your paper - we are NOT responsible if your paper is short or damaged.• Please check the size and condition of your paper if you have had it cut down.• There are no guarantees for printing on paper we've never printed on before.


 .25" border margin on all sides to avoid additional bindery fees. • .5 line/stroke minimum • No text smaller than 8 pt. (when measured on a point size ruler- type sizes vary with each font.) • Check your kerning- letterpress presses into the paper, visually reducing the spacing between letters • Check envelopes for construction before spec'ing return address/r.s.v.p address because the print can't sit on over-lapping folds) •check your PMS colors on uncoated stock.