place cards

Watercolored Summer Party Invitation, Menu, Bar card and Place cards

A little departure from all the letterpress projects... and I was able to break out my watercolors for this one!  I hand watercolored all the text and images, then scanned them, arranged them on the page and had them digitally printed on a 110# textured paper to give it that watercolor paper feel. The place cards were hand watercolored with the individual guests names after they were printed- right before everything was packaged and sent off to the client. It was a tight turnaround time, but I think it turned out pretty cute for a mid-summer champagne and lobster dinner party. Included below are a few close-ups of the actual watercolors before they were scanned and printed. So many words were painted! And I totally got hungry working on the menu... invite


placecard flat



champage watercolor



Surprise party invitation and baseball inspired placecards

I've had these photos sitting on my desktop for weeks, waiting for today so I could post them. Last night was the big surprise party, so now I feel ok about showing them off. We designed and blind printed these on 600 gram Crane's Lettra for a nice deep impression, and combined it with a contrasting gravel envelope for a more masculine feel. We also designed some NY Yankee inspired place cards for the guests, which we had digitally printed. I've never had a surprise party thrown for me (but that's just because I don't like being surprised...) however working on this fun project has made me (almost) want to reconsider.