Los Angeles Bat Mitzvah Invitation Booklet

I've been wanting to post this project forever! But the sun hasn't been out much lately and I keep hoping to get better photos... so maybe i'll update the photos in the future, but for now I want to show you this lovely Bat Mitzvah Invitation set we designed and printed. It is a custom folio, 8.5" tall and 5.5" wide, die-cut out of pretty sparkly lavender paper, with dark violet sparkle paper for the backing. The main paper was 300 gram Crane's Lettra in Pearl white. Also included in the folio was a letterpress printed rsvp envelope (silver ink on the dark violet envelope) and card, a Shabbat Dinner invitation and party info on the pocket. All of the printing except for the RSVP card was letterpress printed by us (RSVP was flat printed as there were 2 versions). Everything was carefully hand assembled by us, and we even digitally addressed the outer envelopes to perfectly match the letterpress printed elements on the outer envelope. It was a project that took a lot of hand assembly, and I am really happy with the way it turned out (not so happy about the photography... but I'll work on that! ).