Baby Announcement

I almost let the whole week slip by without posting- i know i know, but it really has been a busy week. Don't worry I'll be posting some weddings soon, we are working on enough of them I could post of nothing but weddings, but I wanted to show a wide range of the projects we design and print, so for this week I have a baby announcement for you.This is a sweet little announcement, that includes a tied on photo and a monogrammed jacket- this also slipped into an outer envelope for mailing, but who really wants to see an envelope, right?Plus I don't have any samples, so just trust me that it is a super sweet as the rest of the set. The paper was Arturo (a bit wonky to print on as each torn edge card is totally different, so any variation is pretty obvious, but it works with the overall design), and two colors of waxed twine to hold the photo on.