About Paper Monkey Press, Oakland letterpress printing and graphic design

Paper Monkey Press is run by me, Rori Nicole Zendek, nice to meet you!

I grew up in Southern California and moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1994 to attend CCA (then CCAC). I studied printmaking and painting and graduated in 1997 with my BA in Printmaking.

After that I went down to Los Angeles for Graduate School, but ended up getting a job as a designer for letterpress printed goods at a amazing little paperie called Soolip. It was a great experience but I missed the Bay Area, so I came back to my adopted home and started Paper Monkey Press in May of 2000. 

I am inspired naturally by the diverse and beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and its people, by my two crazy french bulldogs (Dottie and Diesel), vintage botanical prints, walking through the redwoods, and all the talented artists and designers I come across.

Oh and by deliriously funny monkeys!